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We are back in the final round of the Champions

Le 8 November 2017, 10:04 dans Humeurs 0

We are back in the final round of the Champions League. In the battle of whether to win the championship, a Benitez giant portraits also launched in the wind. Fans, is the bottom of my heart, recognized the master. He is such a man dedicated to football. He is so calm and calm, and his hands are kisses, a man who desperately wants to prove himself again with success! The Times believes Benitez is the best coach in Newcastle since the Bobby Robson. According to the German authority of the "transfer market" statistics Kevin Czuczman Jersey, C Lo in August 2002 against Inter Milan Champions League team finished his debut career career Shop By Player jersey, while in Portugal, he also played in the official game only three times , And in these three games Thomas Di Pauli Jersey, C Lo assists once. C Luo then joined Manchester United, played a total of 291 times for the team in the Red Devils, scoring 118 goals and assists 61 times. After joining Real Madrid in 2009, C Lo offensive efficiency is more efficient, up to this season's La Liga 11th round, C Lo has played in all competitions Real Madrid 406 games, scored 414 goals and assists 126 Times. After the current round of La Liga, C Lo in the first team played his career to reach 700 games Conor Sheary Jersey, he scored a total of 532 in these 700 games, averaging 0.76 goals, assists 188 times, averaging 0.27 assists .

Really a bit desolate

Le 8 November 2017, 10:03 dans Humeurs 0

Really a bit desolate. 2010-11 start of Serie A season Jarred Tinordi Jersey, Benitez on the "success" of the Nerazzurri pulled back to heaven from heaven - the first round by Bologna 0-0 draw Josh Archibald Jersey, although there have been three consecutive victories in the pan, However, 0-1 lost to Rome in the first 5 rounds, the 6th home 0-0 draw by Juventus, they lost the opportunity to stand up from the 10th round, Inter start embarrassing four victorious, In the 12th round to 15 rounds of the four games is to eat three defeats. The end of 2010, Inter have topped the list in the championship city rivals AC Milan 13 points, while faded away Istanbul's magic aura Benitez has become the target of public criticism. Get back a World Club Cup also failed to restore this period of love, the evening of December 23, 2010, Inter Milan announced the official broke up with the coach Benitez Casey DeSmith Jersey. Currently Geliziman contract damages fell from 200 million euros to 100 million euros, Barcelona that the price is relatively cheap, they are willing to buy Gelizi Man, and the French only scored three goals this season, which Let him be a bit unhappy Ryan Reaves Jersey. Barca believes that this is a good time to dig in Gletzman.

Benitez since leaving Inter have not received

Le 8 November 2017, 10:03 dans Humeurs 0

Benitez since leaving Inter have not received a better invitation, but do not want Benitez has been unemployed at home, and so on, which is almost two years. Until late 2012, Chelsea, one of Liverpool's rivals, sent him an "invitation letter" - we just fired the Di Matteo because of the league's four-round + Champions League drawdown, the need for a coach, free time Dear Raphael. In the early hours of November 22, 2012, Chelsea officially announced that Benitez will act as the team's agent manager and lead the team to play the remaining games of the 12-13 season in the hope that he can pull a Blues who are eliminated on the edge of the Champions League. Schuster confirmed that the current C Lo and his own Raul was very similar, even if the team win, the two players are simply unable to accept the result they can not break the score Kris Letang Jersey, they will feel extremely angry Shop By Player jersey. Schuster said: "As long as C Lo start scoring again, his emotions will get better immediately when C Lo can not break the score when watching his expression is a very interesting thing I have taught in Real Madrid Raul, in my opinion, C Luo and Raul are very similar, as long as they can not score, then they will even eat you .For a striker, the goal is their job, the outside world will only Goals to measure the pros and cons of an attacker For C Luo Chad Ruhwedel Jersey, Raul players of this level, the goal represents everything Patric Hornqvist Jersey, they always give themselves set a high standard.

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